It’s a whole New Year!

I finally got around to doing year-end accounting and book inventory; we sold 133 copies last year, and now only 686 books remain from the initial First Edition press run of 2000. I’m planning an extended Digital Second Edition, with three additional years added (2012, 2013, & 2014) and included inside the remaining books in PDF format on a CD. Stay tuned…


The first set of color proofs from the printer were not satisfactory, so they’re re-doing them. We suspect something went wrong in the RGB-to-CMYK conversion, so hopefully they can solve that problem. But at this point it’s looking like I won’t have finished books until early October–hopefully in time for Decompression!

Well underway!

After an initial tsunami of orders, it has now slowed to a steady trickle. I have already had 125 purchases, and some of those ordered multiple copies, so I’m almost halfway to my goal of 300 pre-orders which will allow me to get the printing process rolling. Thanks to everyone who has had the faith to part with their hard-earned dollars for a book that will not even arrive until mid-September at the earliest!